Online Genealogy: Roman Catholic records for England


Everyone needs a bit of genealogical research serendipity.

For the past few weeks I’ve been researching a family of London ancestors as a case study for a course I’m doing. Continue reading


Online Genealogy: JSTOR

I’ve just signed up with JSTOR to get access to some academic articles that might be useful for my research. At the moment I have a free ‘Register and Read’ account, which allows me to store up to three articles on my ‘bookshelf’ to read online. The articles can be kept or removed after 14 days. If I need to access more articles, or want to download them, there are different upgrades available. Continue reading

Online Genealogy: Church of Ireland Records

If your family history research is mostly based around what you can find online (and for many of us it will be), how far you get with your family tree will be down to how much information is available for the areas you need to look at.

Luckily for me, part of my family lived on the border between Co Carlow and Co Wexford, an area which is covered by two extremely good, and free-to-access, sets of Church of Ireland records.

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