Lost Cousins: Sergeant Thomas Findlay MCCLAY (1923-44)

A Halifax B Mk III in flight (IWM)

img_2851-copySgt Thomas Findlay MCCLAY, RAF Volunteer Reserve, 1795998, 432 (Royal Canadian Air Force) Squadron, presumed killed in action in Holland on 28 May 1944. He is commemorated at the Runnymede Memorial in Surrey, England.

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Remembrance Day

I am currently working on a series of blog posts about ancestors killed in the First and Second World Wars. I know very little about military history, but have been spending a few days reading official war diaries and the diaries and memoirs of various servicemen – these are a fantastic resource for getting a picture of what life was like on the front line, and a lot have now been put online, on websites or through Google Books.

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