How it all began

It was a Saturday afternoon in June 2015 when my friend Yannick emailed to ask if I’d like to come on a visit he was organising to the Garden Museum in Lambeth. I couldn’t go, but, sitting at my computer and at a loose end, it prompted me to do one of my occasional internet searches for my great-grandfather, who had been a gardener at several big houses in Ireland.

And there he was.

That afternoon I discovered that not only were the Irish Censuses of 1901 and 1911 online, but they were free to access.

I fell down the rabbit hole.


Questions and Answers

(Q) Why start a genealogy blog?

  1. Because I’ve been researching my family tree for just over a year, and I’ve become addicted to genealogy.
  2. Because there is only so much I can tweet about it (at @alliethinks if you’re interested). A great discovery or ‘a-ha!!’ moment cannot be confined to 140 characters.
  3. Because, for some reason, not everyone in my everyday life is as enthusiastic about censuses, and parish registers, and wills, and valuation books, and applotment books as I am.


(Q) Is this also a travel blog?

No. Or at least, not really. Most of my research is carried out via the internet, but every day I’m in a different place or time, nosying into my ancestors’ lives. Hopefully one day there’ll be proper travel too.