Online Genealogy: JSTOR

I’ve just signed up with JSTOR to get access to some academic articles that might be useful for my research. At the moment I have a free ‘Register and Read’ account, which allows me to store up to three articles on my ‘bookshelf’ to read online. The articles can be kept or removed after 14 days. If I need to access more articles, or want to download them, there are different upgrades available.

I’ve been meaning to sign up for a while, but have been prompted to do it now by on article on Montrose House in Donnybrook, Dublin. Currently owned by RTE, the Irish state broadcaster, the house was built in 1836 for James JAMESON (of distilling fame), and was (reputedly) later the home of inventor and wireless telegraph engineer  Guglielmo MARCONI, whose mother was a JAMESON descendant.

My great-grandfather worked there c.1890 as a ‘Journeyman and Foreman Gardener’ when he was starting out on his career. A quick search of the newspapers show that a number of prize-winning vegetables and flowers were produced in the gardens at that time!


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