It’s a small world

Today I’ve been looking for marriage registers for some of my Co Tyrone ancestors on the Irish Genealogy website. Finding one (for a 2x great aunt) that was a bit hard to read, I scrolled down the page to see if anything there could help me decipher it. The names on the only other entry, however, looked oddly familiar…

Reading on, I realised the other marriage on the page was my widowed 2x great grandmother, from a different branch of my family tree, and her second husband. I knew the two families had lived in the same part of the world, but this really brought home to me how geographically close they must have been, and that, as neighbours of a sort, they probably knew each other, or at least had mutual friends and acquaintances, long before the families married into each other. This means that any contextual information I can find for one of the families (newspaper cuttings, parish histories, etc) might be useful for both.

The only problem now is where I file the record!


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