Online Genealogy: Church of Ireland Records

If your family history research is mostly based around what you can find online (and for many of us it will be), how far you get with your family tree will be down to how much information is available for the areas you need to look at.

Luckily for me, part of my family lived on the border between Co Carlow and Co Wexford, an area which is covered by two extremely good, and free-to-access, sets of Church of Ireland records.

The baptismal, marriage and burial registers from all Church of Ireland parishes in Co Carlow are available from the church records section of Alongside these are a selection of C of I and Roman Catholic (plus some Presbyterian) records for Dublin City, Co Cork and Co Kerry. A list of which parishes are available can be found here. Almost all of the records have been indexed and most have good quality scans of the original register page attached, which can be downloaded as a pdf file. You can also click through the pages of each of the registers, great for getting a better feel for life in that parish.

The records I’ve used for Co Wexford come from the Anglican Record Project. Produced by Mark Williams and hosted online by the Representative Church Body Library, this ongoing project is making available transcriptions of various baptismal, marriage and burial records, and these can either be browsed online or downloaded as pdfs. A selection of parishes from across Ireland (including Northern Ireland) is currently included, and a list of them can be found here.

I’m looking forward to exploring what other records are out there as I move around the country!


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