Stories from the Parish Register: Mary Lintel

Parish registers are a great source for stories about other people’s lives. One of the most poignant I’ve come across is that of Mary Lintel.

Mary was baptised in Kiltennel parish in Co Carlow, Ireland on 8 Dec 1872. Described as a foundling, the Minister writes in the baptismal register “Parents unknown, left at my door and so-called”.

Another record shows that Mary was discharged from the workhouse later that year, so hopefully she went on to have a long and happy life somewhere, with or without her unusual baptismal name.


I found the baptismal register for Mary Lintel while looking for records of family baptisms in the same parish. A postscript of sorts to the story is that, since her civil birth register became available, I’ve discovered that she was actually found by one of my relatives, and he subsequently registered her birth. Whether he knew (or suspected) anything more about the identity of the child is probably lost to history.


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