My family

Broadly speaking, my ancestral family (so far) consists of the following:

  • Newspaper compositors from Derry, Northern Ireland (compositors laid out the metal letters (type) used to print the paper)
  • Weavers and millwrights from Lanarkshire in Scotland
  • Farmers from Co Tyrone, Northern Ireland
  • Skilled metal craftsmen from Dublin, Ireland
  • Farmers from Co Londonderry, Northern Ireland
  • Gardeners from Co Wexford, Ireland
  • Teachers from Co Fermanagh, Northern Ireland
  • Soldiers from Co Tyrone
  • Linen merhants from Co Armagh, Northern Ireland
  • Blacksmiths from Perthshire in Scotland,who became tube fitters when they moved to Glasgow
  • Watchmakers from Glasgow who ended up in Co Tipperary
  • A lot of shoemakers from all over the place

On one strand, I’ve only got back as far as the mid-C19th (I know I’ve been very lucky to get this far); others (in Scotland, where it’s easier to get hold of earlier records) are comfortably back to the C18th. Another strand, in Ireland, may go back to at least the C17th, but is currently missing a vital link between two generations around 1800.


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